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Liberator Fantasies

(An all-slash Blake's 7 Fanzine)

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Liberator Fantasies has a full range of stories from the humorous to the dramatic, featuring the best B7 writers working today. The pairing include Blake/Avon, Avon/Tarrant, Vila/Tarrant and other combinations. Here are a few hints of what is in this large and varied zine.

"All Work and No Play" by Mireille: "I'm bored. Are you sure there's no wine?" Tarrant didn't even bother to look up from Scorpio's controls. "You've been looking for three hours. If there is, it must be the galactic hide and seek champion."

"Battle Fatigue" by Irish: When Tarrant turned to fetch a tool Avon wanted, he heard a sharp popping sound as the cover plate blew off the panel. The explosion shoved Avon into him and they both went down in a disheveled heap.

"Expendable" by Vanessa Mullen: With a fluid, long-armed grab, Avon snatched up the box of credits. "Quick, Vila. Set me down again." Vila's jaw dropped. "What?" But he was already responding to Avon's urgency by squeezing round to his position behind the teleport console.

"Rumours of Courage" by Julia Henry: Well, I do, my lovely Dayna, a pity fuck really isn't what Avon needs right now. Even if he could raise an ... interest after what he's been through over the past few days.

"Witch Hunt" by Ebony: There is still a chance that I may cheat death. The timber may not burn, for only a few have thrown those rare dry sticks. Escape...

"Love's Illusions" by Willa Shakespear: "Why? I already know your answer." Jenna shook her head. "I can't force you to want me. Any more than Vila could make me want him. But regardless of personal feelings, you have to take physical needs into account," she went on more calmly. "As the only experienced spacer on Liberator, I am advising her captain that the crew desperately requires a relief stop." "Relief stop?" Blake asked, puzzled. "No Federation rest and recreation centre would take us in." "More likely, they wouldn't let us out," Avon added. "Are you sure this enforced chastity hasn't given you brain-warp?" he asked Jenna.

"Salvage" by Misha: "What is it, Zen?" *A single Federation pursuit ship entered maximum sensor range one-point-one-seven minutes ago.* Avon slapped Orac's key into its slot and snarled as the machine hummed into life. "Orac, why didn't you inform me of that pursuit ship?" *You requested that I alert you to Space Command flight profiles. That ship did not file a mission profile and has not checked in with Flight Control Authorization Centers at any point.*

"Domo" by Gemini: "I'd like to inspect the slaves before the auction." The sun was hot, the gravity was a touch too high, and Blake wanted to get indoors out of the heat. "Of course." Terrin gestured casually towards the low buildings where the merchandise was housed. His breath smelt faintly of some sort of narcotic. Did the pirates deal in drugs as well as slaves?

"Path of Thorns" by Mitzi Tick and Felicia Adam: Tarrant had almost died on Gauda Prime. Then he truly had died during interrogation. Each time he'd succumbed to the gentle embrace of death, the Federation medical personnel - using their most advanced technology - had revived him.

Liberator Fantasies is over 191,000 words and over 280 pages, and features filks by Vanessa Mullen and Oliver Klosov, poetry by Ebony, and about 30 pages of art by Val Westall, and Randym.

Price: $20 in person, $23 US Priority Mail, $25 CAN, $27 Eur, $29 Pac.

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