Favorite Avon/Tarrant Moments:


TARRANT: ...A very impressive performance, I didn't believe anyone could stay out of sight for so long, but then you did have the advantage of local knowledge, didn't you, Avon?

AVON: My name is...

TARRANT: Your name is Avon.

AVON: How did you know?

TARRANT: When we first came face-to-face. I said "What are you doing on my ship?". There were a dozen ways you could have answered, but you said "Your ship?". An innocent stranger wouldn't question who was in command....

AVON: I congratulate you, that's very nicely reasoned, a stupid lapse of concentration on my part.

TARRANT: Oh, don't blame yourself too much.

AVON: I'll try not to.

TARRANT: I imagine you've been under considerable stress.

AVON: I had hoped for a more inspiring epitaph.

TARRANT: So, after realizing you were one of Blake's people it was simple. You weren't Blake, I'd have recognized him.

AVON: And too intelligent for Vila.

TARRANT: It was an even bet.

AVON: Quite.

AVON: Were you planning to kill all of them?

TARRANT: Yes, if necessary, it's not quite as callous as it might seem, almost but not quite. Klegg and his men are the Federation's death squad, they have a record of brutality hard to match.

AVON: You don't have to apologise to me.

TARRANT: I wasn't.

AVON: When we launched the life capsule, why weren't you convinced we had gone?

TARRANT: It convinced Klegg, but not me.

AVON: I thought it was a good idea.

TARRANT: It was, but that's how I knew you had faked it, it's the sort of idea I would have had myself.

"Harvest of Kairos"

TARRANT: I've been looking all over for you.

AVON: Well, now you found me.

TARRANT: Didn't you hear me calling?

AVON: I imagine the whole planet heard you.

TARRANT: So where were you?

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These moments contributed by Oliver Klosov and Dorian

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