Straight Blake's #3

A heterosexual adult B7 zine, edited by Pat Jacquerie

"The End of the Play" by Cami. Avon wasn't the only Liberator crewmember to cross paths with Sula Chesku. A certain young Federation pilot could be useful to her, in more than one area. He's young, he won't suspect the truth...will he?

"Two for the Price of One" by Liz Vogel. Being stuck on a backwater planet with a bickering Avon and Vila is not Soolin's idea of a good time, until she challenges them to a competition that all three of them can enjoy.

"Hunting Girls" by Rhapsodie. Before Zee and Barr turn Vila over to harvest his spare parts, they decide they might have a use for a section of him that works better when connected to the rest of his body.

"Misdirection" by Alicia Ann Fox. In an alternate "Ultraworld" scenario, it's Avon and Cally the Ultras want to use to demonstrate the Human Bonding Ceremony. And since Avon's dug in his heels, it's up to Cally to arrange for their freedom...eventually.

"Affinities" by Misha. Apparently the only Scorpio survivor of Gauda Prime, Tarrant finds he has more in common with Liberator's first pilot than simply steering the same ship.

"Anna" by Alara. Avon's long gone out of Anna Grant's life, except then why is she having these dreams?

"Close" by Twisted Sister. If Blake won't pay attention to Jenna, she finds there's another large, curly-haired man on Liberator who's more willing to oblige a lady.

"Pilot Games" by Deneb. It seems unlikely that the two pilots of Liberator would ever meet, but Space City has a game that supposedly no pilot can conquer, and neither can resist the challenge...or, eventually, each other.

"A Challenging Experiment" by Twisted Sister. Virginity is not to Dayna's taste, and who better to solve her little problem than Liberator's resident scientist?

"The Temptation" by Catherine. In the wake of Star One, Servalan has captured that troublemaker Blake. And while she took him for political reasons, there's no reason she can't use him for more pleasurable purposes, is there?

"Mary Sue Strikes Back" by Judith Proctor. In the sequel to last issue's "Mary Sue Writes Slash," some very strange women make an interesting proposition to the Liberator crew.

"Morning Glory" by Aurora. In a sequel to last issue's "Passionflower," Blake has departed Liberator, leaving a gap in Cally's life that perhaps the new tall, curly-haired crewmate can fill. But young human males have disadvantages that Cally hadn't counted on...

"Negotiating Positions" by Pat Jacquerie. When Soolin negotiates with a female Warlord, she doesn't anticipate the kind of duties her "male possession" Avon must perform, but it is nice to discover he can do something besides repair computers and snarl...

"In This Lonely Place" by Riley Cannon. Months after the debacle at GP, Blake and the remainder of the Scorpio crew return to make a heartrending discovery in the remains of Blake's base. Soolin is more comfortable with a gun than with physical comfort, but it's the latter that Blake needs.

Also includes poetry by Judith Proctor, Liz Sharpe, and Susan Bennett, plus an article on other sources of B7 hetero smut by Sarah Thompson, and art by Karen River, Val Westall, and Randym.

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