Blithe Spirit

Chichester Festival Theatre, written by Noel Coward, starring Dora Bryan, Twiggy Lawson, Belinda Lang and Steve Pacey. Directed by Tim Luscombe. Scheduled for 11th June until 3rd August, with a press night on Tuesday 17th June.


"Steven Pacey makes an admirable foil as the hag-ridden husband, a kind of Bertie Wooster with claws, and the marital tiffs achieve a stinging venom."

-- Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, June 19, 1997

[Twiggy and Steven in BLITHE SPIRIT]

Twiggy Lawson and Steven Pacey

"As Charles...Steven Pacey provides Ruth with an excellent sparring partner. Charles is a difficult character to get right -- you can't help feeling that in real life his obituary would have ended up with a terse "He was unmarried"; but Pacey pulls off an implausible blend of lounge lizard and regular chap."

-- John Gross, Sunday Telegraph, June 22, 1997

[Twiggy and Steven in BLITHE SPIRIT]

Not everyone liked the play....

"Steven Pacey's Charles sounds as if he is auditioning for the role of Biggles, and the stiffness and slight blimpishness extends from his period accent to his acting, which lacks Coward's trademark urbanity."

-- London Times, June 19, 1997

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Photos from the Blithe Spirit Program Book:

Large, 3/4 photo length of Steven as Charles Condomine

Charles having breakfast with his second wife

Charles on the couch, arm in a sling

Charles in formal wear, sitting on the arm of a couch

Charles with Madame Arcati

Charles and Ruth, casually dressed

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