Steven Pacey in By Jeeves!

'It is impossible, for example, to be long in the presence of STEVEN PACEY'S gleaming grin and not become enmeshed in the tangle of Bertie's troubled domestic adventures. PACEY exudes an eager exuberance which is always dangerously two paces ahead of rational thought; and his bewildered way with a double-take is a masterclass in a vanishing art form.'

-- Jack Tinker, Daily Mail

Steven Pacey was nominated for an Olivier Award for his recent work in By Jeeves (Best Actor in a Musical). By Jeeves also received nominations for Outstanding New Production and Best Costume Designer. Didn't win any of these categories, but like they say, just being nominated is an honor!

A large cast photo.

Steven and the ladies.

[Bertie and Banjo]A long, skinny photo of long, skinny Steven!

CD available!

The soundtrack of By Jeeves is now available in the U.S. as well as the U.K. (Actually, there are two versions: a Scarborough one with just the music, and a London with with narration by Jeeves and Wooster.) To order the By Jeeves soundtrack in the U.S., call 1-800-218-7866. CD is $20 + postage. Tape is $17 + postage. See the USA Today review of the soundtrack.

A review of Jeeves by Pacey fan Tanya Cross

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