Steven Pacey in M.I.T.

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Steven had a regular role in this spinoff of the hit show The Bill. The first episode aired Saturday, May 3, 2002. He played "DCI Malcolm Savage":

             Malcolm's been with the Met all his working life. Not just a good detective, he's also a damn nice bloke. Being such a soft touch the others do play up to him. As DCI, he's the boss; all major decisions are his, but with so many cases on the go he's a busy man. Ironically his wife works for the Police Complaints Authority. He thinks her rebellious, passionate side has rubbed off on him. But really, he couldn't be further from the truth!             

M.I.T. aired in the U.S. on A&E. It was re-titled With Malice.

Steven was not in the second season. They ended up dropping almost the entire cast. It didn't even air in the U.K., just in Australia. However, there's a nice interview from the first season here.