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These are the first of what I hope will be a sizeable archive of stories dealing with Blake's 7 characters and the planet Fargone by Pat Jacquerie and Lexa Reiss. All are complete stories except for "Survival", which has just a few scenes here as a sort of "coming attractions" for what we expect is going to be a novel. When it's completed it will be posted here.

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Duty (331 kb) by Pat Jacquerie. The novella that created Fargone. Avon and Tarrant crash Scorpio on Fargone, little knowing the social 'duty' they'll be required to perform while waiting for repairs.

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Tourist Trap (67 kb) by Lexa Reiss. Actually a prequel to "Duty." Supreme Commander Servalan visits Fargone, bringing along a subordinate who discovers the perils of dealing with this particular native population.

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Survival, Part 1 (213 kb) by Pat Jacquerie and Lexa Reiss. A few scenes worth of "coming attractions" to this sequel to "Duty," set PGP. New scenes added on January 17, 2000.

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Survival, Part 2 (136 kb) by Pat Jacquerie and Lexa Reiss. Here's more of the story, with more to come.

Note from Pat: I've got a number of e-mails asking when "Survival" will be finished and where it will be published. To answer the last first, it will be published right here on the Fargone web page (though there might be a limited-edition paper version for the computer-deprived). The second part is more difficult to answer, since late last year I've been diagnosed with breast cancer. Originally, I was thought to have CFIDS, which is what I posted about last year, but the diagnosis was then changed, which is why I haven’t been posting very much since then… both depression because of the disease and chemotherapy made it difficult to write. However, I am now feeling somewhat better and working again on "Survival" at a pretty good rate and will announce its continuing progress here, so please check back from time to time for further news. And a grateful 'thank you' to everyone who's written encouraging words to me on my illness and the novel.

Note from Lexa: Pat passed away in June 2001, a few days after returning from Mediawest. Her friends think she held on for one last con, and then slipped away quickly and quietly. I know she'd much rather be remembered for her fiction than for her illness, but one of the memories from that con which will stay with me the longest is of Pat sitting in her wheelchair in the hotel restaurant, unable to eat much but enjoying being out with friends, and responding to someone's wisecrack with laughter so loud that people at the next couple of tables turned to see what was going on.

She had known for more than two years that her prognosis was bleak. She handled it bravely, which doesn't mean she never experienced fear or depression. Pat loved life and didn't want to lose it. She was talented, she had plans, she was happy, and then she found it was all going to be taken away. The wonder is not that there were dark times, but there were so few.

She called her coping strategy "denial," but that's misleading. Maybe "defiance" would be a better word. She simply refused to concede any more of her life to cancer than was absolutely necessary. A large chunk of her time went to chemo, tests, medication and side effects, but although she did all she could to take advantage of what medical science could give her, she didn't let that become her life. She kept reaching out for joy: travelling, watching a new kitten establish himself with the resident cats, enjoying new books and chatting with friends about the latest fannish flamewar.

And, most especially, writing. Pat wasn't happy when she couldn't write, and she was determined that "Survival" should be completed. At her last Mediawest she expended her limited strength reviewing scenes and talking plot, regretting that she couldn't take a more active part in the collaboration.

If I've spent more time than Pat would wish talking about her courage, it's because her talent speaks for itself.


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