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First things first: Where in the world is Fargone and why is there a web site about it?

Photograph of Avon and Tarrant

Fargone is a planet that I (Pat Jacquerie) created in the course of writing my Blake's 7 slash novel, "Duty." Originally, it was meant to be merely a plot device to get my two guys together, but somehow the planetary culture took on a life of its own in my mind and in the mind of my advisor for "Duty," Lexa Reiss (who's also my co-writer for the in-progress sequel, "Survival"). She suggested we do a web site on Fargone, so that our musings would have somewhere to live. And, while we were at it, I thought I'd also include the original novella, some other short pieces set in the same universe, and eventually (when we get it done), the "Duty" sequel, "Survival."

So welcome to the site that tells you (more) than you ever wanted to know about a certain agricultural planet with some very curious customs. But first, a warning and a suggestion.

Obligatory warning: The stories on this site include adult situations and some explicit heterosexual and homosexual situations. If you are under age or find these ideas offensive, now would be a good time to leave.

Suggestion: Unless you've read "Duty" none of the other things on this site are likely to make much sense. So go there first. Otherwise, wander at will...

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Advisor Answers Offworlders' Questions About Fargone

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Essays and Oddities by the Matriarchs and Friends

All original material, characters, planets, and planetary customs in these stories and essays © Pat Jacquerie and Lexa Reiss. They are not be distributed or archived elsewhere without written permission.


Update History

14 Jul 2001 added “Survival, Part 2.”
17 Jan 2000 added scenes to “Survival”, plus a NEW website design.
1 Jan 2000 added scenes to “Survival”.
27 Aug 1999 added scenes to "Survival", updated author’s note on Fiction Page
15 Aug 1998 Three new scenes of "Survival" added to fiction page, along with author's note explaining the delay in finishing "Survival."


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