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Welcome to my archive of adult fanfic. The stories here run the gamut from my first story-with-hetero-sex, written circa 1986-87, to my recent stuff, which is mostly slash.

Because this archive spans a lot of years, the stories vary somewhat in writing quality and in terms of explicit sex. If you'll glance at the top of each story, you'll find an author's note with information on when the story was written, what I think of it now, and the degree of explicit detail included. You can use this to judge what you might enjoy reading. All of these stories are set in the Blake's 7 universe.

 Obligatory warning: These stories include adult situations and some explicit descriptions of both heterosexual and homosexual situations. If you are under age or find these ideas offensive, now would be a good time to leave.

The Fanfic:

 Renaissance (Avon/Meegat)--After the events of "Deliverance," Meegat asks Avon to do one more favor for her people.

 Interstice (Avon/Cally)--On the run from Servalan, trapped in the luxury suite of a casino-hotel, Avon and Cally must find some way to pass the time.

 Temporal Discordance (Avon/writer)--Pat finds herself in the B7 universe as the slave auction in "Assassin" is about to begin. But once she buys Avon, what will she do with him?

 Farewell Performance (Vila/Soolin)--In this outtake from a PGP novel, Vila and Soolin have left Avon and the others. At one another's throats and down on their luck, one night Soolin decides to allow Vila to 'distract' her. New! Story added to archive August 15, 1998.

 Negotiating Positions (Avon/Soolin)--When one of the Warlord planets turns out to be run by a Warlady instead, Avon must attend the negotiations as Soolin's 'male possession,' a position that has duties he didn't anticipate.

 A Marketable Commodity (Avon/Tarrant)--When Tarrant wanders into the wrong part of town, he finds himself in a position that's more than embarrassing when his least congenial crewmate comes to his rescue.

 No Introduction Needed (companion story to "Marketable")

 Fragments and Coming Attractions

 Link to my Fargone Page--more Avon/Tarrant slash, including my award-winning novella, "Duty."

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