Pat's Blake's 7 Fanfic and Poetry

This section will expand considerably as time goes on, as well. Again, I'm adding author's notes to each story to give an idea of when I wrote this and a little about how the story came to be. On the poems: My poetry in B7 was pretty much all written during my initial phase of B7 lust, and is, IMO, the only decent poetry I ever wrote (okay, a few exceptions, but very few). It rhymes and scans and everything. For some reason, after this period, the poetry muse left me and I haven't written any since.

 Mixed Doubles -- Cally and Avon go planetside and find an unknown beverage complicating their lives.

 What Rough Beast -- A secret society on Auron plans for Cally's future, and disrupts her life on the Liberator.

 The Final Act -- Just a short and silly PGP with Avon and Tarrant.

 An Infamous Arrangement -- Avon makes the perfect Regency hero, IMO, so I wrote a snippet that put him there. Oh, and several other members of the crew…see if you can pick them out.

 Rumors Of Life (an unfinished novel) -- A psychostrategist follower of Blake takes Avon captive PGP, but will she manage to kill him before he turns the tables to use her for his own plans?

 Dark Mirror (poem)

 Kerr Avon (poem)

 Finale (poem)

 Garden of Stone (poem)

 Orbit Zero (poem)


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