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Fanfiction in the universes of Star Wars, Blake's 7, The Sandbaggers, Remington Steele, and more, by Pat Nussman

Welcome to my fanfic archive. When complete, this archive will have the majority of my gen stories (my adult stories are elsewhere under my pseud for that kind of thing). These stories were written over a span of more than fifteen years, from the time I first got into fandom in 1980 until near the present. Needless to say, the quality varies quite a bit, from my first stumbling steps at fiction to my current level of writing expertise, which I at least hope is an improvement.

The earliest stories are in the Star Wars universe, my first fandom, which I got into right after The Empire Strikes Back was released and represents my writing output from about 1980-1986.

In 1986, I got hit by the Blake's 7 bug (in case you don't know, B7 is a rather dark British science fiction series) and I've been fairly monogamous to that fandom ever since, with a few extensive side flirtations (maybe one affair--with another British show, The Sandbaggers). There are not as many B7 stories in this archive because my Avon causes my imagination to go more into an adult direction. However, there are some, mostly written between 1986-1995.

The third category in the archive is, well, miscellaneous, those fandoms I had either long or short flirtations with, including The Sandbaggers, Bladerunner, Frisco Kid, Remington Steele, Deep Space 9. The dates these were written are all over the map, but SB and DS9 would be the most recent.

Now, on to the stories...

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* Blake's 7 Fanfic

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Updated January 1, 2000

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All original material and characters in these stories © Pat Nussman. They are not be distributed or archived elsewhere without written permission.

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