This was a bitch of a poem to write, simply because of the rhyme scheme…everything had to have the same rhyme. As I recall it took me several days to make everything fit. Whether it fits well, I'll leave the reader to judge.


Orbit Zero

You always assumed
I'd take care of you.
You affirmed the soul I denied.
'Til I myself echoed
the words that you said.
But I lied, Vila, I lied.

My life or your own,
you know it's no choice,
I can hear the thoughts where you hide.
That only I matter,
you are nothing to me.
And you cried, Vila, you cried.

Now Cally is dead
and Blake's surely gone,
and only to you am I tied.
So it's you I must kill
and then I'll be free.
It's my pride, Vila, my pride.

With a drawn gun
I hunt through the halls,
but something within me decides
for my voice to reveal
that unspoken wish:
That you hide, Vila, you hide.

I wanted to slaughter
that last human spark
that kept you still by my side.
But I didn't kill you,
couldn't murder my soul…
Though I tried, Vila, I tried.

(April 27, 1987)

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