Pat's Star War's Fanfic

This is the Star Wars fanfic I have on hand, but there's a lot more to come, once I get either the energy to type or a scanner or a friend to scan in for me. Keep checking back. Just for my own amusement, I've put notes at the beginning of each story, noting when it was written (if I remember), what inspired it (if I remember), and what I think of the story now. Let me know if you enjoy that kind of commentary or think it's idiotic. Of course, I don't promise to stop...

  Journey's End -- a rather dark Princess Leia story set directly after The Empire Strikes Back.

  The Falconer -- a prequel looking at the childhood of one of the rebels 

 Junk Mail from the Princess -- a just-for-fun letter in direct mail style.

 Nomination Declined -- with the war against the Empire won, the Princess considers a career change.

 Initation Rights -- Leia and Luke discover that there is, er, less to Han Solo than meets the eye.

 Love's Mysteries -- a link to the Han Solo site, which has re-published a Han/Leia romantic piece set inbetween the scenes of The Empire Strikes Back.



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