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Suzan Lovett wrote five Blake's 7 stories which first appeared in Powerplay #1, Powerplay #2, and Those Who Favor Fire in the late 80's. Later, in the mid-90's, these were reprinted in a British edited version, The Road to Hell and Other Stories. Many consider "The Road to Hell," Lovett's first and longest story, one of the best Blake and Avon stories ever written.

The stories have been very slightly edited by the author, and are presented in the same order they originally appeared.

"The Road to Hell" [247k]
A second season a/u story. Blake is in desperate trouble, and it's up to Avon to rescue him. The rescue turns out to be far harder and takes much longer than Avon expected because Blake is not exactly himself.

"Doppelganger" [223k]
A late fourth season and slightly a/u. This is another long complex story full of twists and turns. Avon rescues the clone and his family, and later he discovers a terrible secret.

"Gemini Rising" [49k]
A short story like the following two. A young rebel is taken by a high official to confront a legendary figure.

"Circle of Fire" [30k]
Packs a wallop in its few pages. This is an a/u version of "Blake."

"Lightbridge" [24k]
The shortest and simplest story plotwise of the five. It is third season, and Avon decides to pay Blake's empty cabin on the Liberator a visit.

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